Other Services​

Farm Accounts

Farmers, like all businesses, must prepare annual accounts and submit an Income Tax Return to Revenue. There are many tax relief opportunities available to farmers and TCP accountants will ensure you avail of relevant relief opportunities.

PAYE Refunds

TCP Accountants offer their unique 'Tax Refund Advisory Package' to customers who wish to claim their tax refunds

The package includes:

  • FREE review of your taxes

  • Private & confidential advice on available tax credits

  • Completed tax back application form

  • Filing of all information with the Revenue Commissioners

Rental Income Returns

Landlords in receipt of rental income from residential or commercial property are obliged to submit annual income tax returns to Revenue whether the property is making a profit or a loss. TCP Accounts prepare and submit Rental Income Returns on behalf of clients at the most competitive rates.


TCP Accountants also provide the following services:

  • Formation of companies 

  • Preparation and filing of annual returns and documents with CRO

  • Appointment and resignation company directors and secretaries

  • Winding down and the striking off of companies

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